This week’s evicted contestant : Details inside

The big boss is entering the final few weeks and last week we had two eliminations in Jithan Ramesh and Aranthangi Nisha. Though she seemed like a very naive contestant by the time she was eliminated there was a lot of drama around her. Jithan Ramesh on the other hand behaved like a spectator in the house. He rarely participated and was always watching from the sidelines. This meant that he was going to be eliminated at one point or the other and that much expected eviction happened last week. There was another contestant who was expected to be evicted last week but it didn’t happen. 

That contestant is a very famous anchor. As far as television anchoring goes she’s one of the best and is a veteran in her field. She started off with Sun Network and conducted a program which made us laugh. After that she moved to Zee and even had the opportunity to interview Superstar Rajinikanth. She started off her big boss stint with love as a motive but even she was affected by all the Dad drama that happened. Yes, this week’s eviction will be anchor Archana. This elimination is good because we want her as an anchor again. 

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