Top 10 most watched shows on Netflix : Friends tops the list even after 26 years

The Binge report is out. I mean a list of the most binged watched shows on Netflix is out and the list does have a few surprises. Binge watch is nothing but watching 4 or more episodes of a show in a single day. Depending on this the top 10 shows are rated. The highlight is that there is only 0.64% gap between the first spot and the last spot. Now let’s look at which shows are dominating the rating.  In the 10th spot we have How I met your Mother. At number 9 it is Sex Education. This has been one of the most progressive shows on the internet and has been both educational and binge worthy. A bunch of teenagers finding out their sexual preferences is something very new for the Indian audience. 

Fan favourite Money Heist which has captured the imagination of Indian fans is at Number 4. It was so good that a popular Tamil Youtube channel even interviewed the creators of the show. One of them even said that Thalapathy Vijay would be great as Professor if the show is remade in Tamil. In the top spot is the cult favourite Friends. Even after 26 years this is one show that never gets old. 

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