16 Years of Dhoni : An inspiring journey

Dhoni – The mass hero : A mass hero off the screen is a very rare thing. Tendulkar was something else. He was God-like destined for greatness from a very young age. But Dhoni was different he was a small town boy who had to work his way up to shatter the invisible glass ceiling that exsisted in cricket. 

The Young Lad from Ranchi

For a very long time cricket was dominated by upper caste lads from top cities like Mumbai and Karnataka. No one had even heard of Ranchi until boy with the long hair came into the picture. Everyone went beserk. The hairstyle and the fearlessness of the young man who flaunted that hairstyle caught up with everyone. The young man had arrived with a bang. 

The Leader

It wasn’t long before he was appointed as the leader of young pack. No one knew that this would forever change the way cricket was played. No one saw it coming. The reluctant participants were roaring with the champions tag. This was just the beginning. He would do it again 4 years later with the aide of  an able commander in chief who could bat , bowl and hit sixes for fun. The leader himself was busy showing us how beautiful it would be if dreams come true. 

He was no longer the small town lad. He was the hero who inspired us to dream big. He was the hero whom the masses needed. He was a hero who remained unfazed by all the frenzy around him. He remained accessible and humble. He was quite unlike his predecessors. For a nation used to demi-gods and greats who relish the glory and the stardom a mass hero who remained detached was a refreshing diversion. 

Chennai’s Superstar : Chennai has this habit of embracing superstars from other states. Remember MGR and Shivaji Rao Gawkwad. Very soon MSD became  synonymous with Chennai. He was Chennai’s adopted son.  2007 was Dhoni’s Annamalai.  2011 was Baasha. And just like Rajini Dhoni knew how to be consistent in IPL as well.  Both are at the fag end of their career deserving a Baasha like send off both on screen and on the cricketing field. For one last time perhaps with whistles roars and cheers from the crowd.

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