This week’s evicted contestant in Big Boss

The big boss is entering the final few weeks and two weeks back we had two eliminations in Jithan Ramesh and Aranthangi Nisha. Though she seemed like a very naive contestant by the time she was eliminated there was a lot of drama around her. Jithan Ramesh on the other hand behaved like a spectator in the house. He rarely participated and was always watching from the sidelines. This meant that he was going to be eliminated at one point or the other. The other elimination was Archana who was close friends with the other two. This week too we have an elimination,

Anitha Sampath is one contestant who came into the house with a good name. Unfortunately it’s all been different once she became one of the irritating characters of the show. It is hard to see someone you liked as a news reader earn such a bad reputation inside the house. One of the things which didn’t work in her favour was the constant crying and complaining. So it was only a matter of time before she was evicted. This week’s eviction is Anitha Sampath. It is time for her to get back to what she was good at – New reading and anchoring. That should really give her the boost that she needs after an unpleasant stint at the big boss.

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