Happy Birthday ARR : Mozart of Madras


ARR is an irreplaceable part of all our lives. At some point all of us would have fallen in love with one of his songs. He’s a man of all seasons. He is a man for all moods. Irrespective of whether you are happy or sad there will be an ARR song that will suit how you feel. Right after Ilayaraja decides to do less number of films Tamil cinema desperately needed a heir who could usher in a new era in music. That heir was ARR. New sounds, new singers ,0new instruments and  a very different feel to the previous eras. ARR was a storm that changed Tamil cinema music. 

ARR once said that his name was not there in the first of edition of Roja Audio cassettes. Today his name is a brand in itself. Along the way he taught us how to love people and life and it reflects in his music. The number of singers he introduced is a separate feat in itself.  And a number of musicians were inspired and flourished along with him. Even after all these achievements he continues to remain humble. His humility is a trait which we can all follow. Thank you for being our constant companion through your music. We love you. Happy birthday. Live long. 

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