Yes, I have respect for you, but I don’t fear you: Sir Viv Richards

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Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards is celebrated as one of the greatest batsmen who represented the West Indies Team. 

During his seventeen-year test career, he played 121 test and scored 8,540 runs with 24 centuries. He is said to glean 36,000 runs and obtained 7,000 runs in ODIs.

His batting was delineated by aggressiveness by refined precariousness. All through his career he never wore a helmet while batting. He believed that wearing a helmet is to fear the bowlers. 

He said, “Cricket is a team sport and you should always be thinking about the part you play for the betterment of the team, however cricket does allow you to express yourself.”

“Batsmanship, in my opinion, is like a Picasso painting, it’s about expressing yourself. I was going to do my thing by hitting through the gaps and looking to create an avenue for runs.”

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. Attitude is a misconception to the younger generation. In psychology, attitude represents an individual’s mental outlook. Usually, the batsmen would prefer to wear a helmet in the crease to avoid injuries because of the fast bowlers and during the green pitch Sir Viv Richards has faced bowlers with bouncers in order to dominate and invoke aggression to the situation and he never wore a helmet. 

The highly competitive attitude set by him would make anyone wonderstruck. He said, “I never had fear and wearing a helmet made me uncomfortable so I wore my West Indies maroon cap and went out there and took on the bowling. I thoroughly believed that I belonged there. I walked the walk of belief because that’s how I felt inside. You may win some days, but I am confident that I am going to succeed. Yes, I have respect for you, but I don’t fear you.”

This retired gentleman suggests his young mentoree to have both talent and will – which he suspects as a serious force to establish a competitive attitude to flourish in any field. He also quit mentoring the West Indies team citing the lack of winning mentality both at the team and administration level. 

He lauded the Indian Captain Virat Kohli to whom he finds the connection through Kohli’s approach and mindset to the game. Also, he admires the way Kohli walks into the crease. The world labelled Kohli as an aggressive cricketer but Sir Viv Richards commented that he has been wrongly entitled as aggressive when he’s confident.

By setting stringent criteria – highly competitive mind can take anyone to anywhere. Both the sportsmen’s talent has modelled them intimidating.

Most of the tremendous cricketers of the modern-day – Imran Khan, Ian Botham, the Chappell brothers, Shane Warne, Bob Willis, Allan Border, Ricky Ponting, Wasim Akram and Sachin Tendulkar sung the praises of the abilities and talents of Sir Viv Richards.

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