Maara : A heartwarming celebration of art


Maara was a splendid surprise. Calling it a remake would be a crime. Charlie and Maara are very different films with different stories to tell. While Charlie was about Tessa finding the free spirited Charlie Maara is more of Paru’s journey of rediscovering herself. Maara sacrifices the free spirit of Charlie to add more depth to Paaru’s journey. 

The presence of Madhavan as Maara is very much incidental to the film. He’s more of a guest. More like the train passenger who is with you till the journey ends. It’s Paaru’s show all the way from start to finish. Was the name choice  a nod to Parvathy for her stellar act in the original? 

Shraddha is no Parvathy but she’s earnest and does the best that she can. There is a dialogue in Devil Wears Prada which goes ” You have got huge shoes to fill” If you look at it that way Shraddha has pulled off a coup of sorts.  The actual hero of the film is a terrific Moulee who is still gold dust on screen. He just makes you go wow. 

In fact the whole supporting cast sees the film through. Abmirami and Sshivda are great casting choices. Alex – Our favourite stand-up comedian shines in a brief role. 

Kudos to Dilip Kumar for finding an entirely different perspective for a story which has already been told. As someone who thrives through art there could be no better takeaway than this ” Art connects people and helps rediscover what is lost” 

Charlie is a celebration of people. Maara is a celebration of Art. I don’t think we need to pick and choose between the two. We can easily embrace both as warmly as we can.

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