Feature Film in CCTV Point of View, Says Director Rathina Kumar

Surveillance zone is a suspense thriller independent Tamil Feature Film directed by Rathina kumar. Which is the Worlds first CCTV Point of view film.

It is about 40 years old police man Rangasamy, father of young
daughter Thulasi, as his only company. He has been assigned for
surveillance monitoring for few weeks, reporting Assistant
commissioner Baskar. Baskar claims that her daughter was missing
and in need of unofficial help. The whole movie revolves only with
CCTV footages/ Camera. Rangasamy tracing out all the CCTV
footages for any possible clues to her whereabouts. Rangasamy’s life
was shattered in one night by losing his daughter in an accident. His
investigations remove the knots of all twists and suspense’s of this

Special about the movie :

The entire movie with Go pro 4 & Canon 550D. The whole
movie revolves only with CCTV footages. Surveillance Zone movie is
not like a regular type of film-making. We delivered the film in CCTV
point of view. To replicate the CCTV type of footages, we degraded
the video quality and audio quality to match like a CCTV footages.
As some of the CCTV cameras don’t record audio, we muted the
audio in some scenes. There is no background music for our movie.
The budget of movie is ₹45,000. Duration of the film is 100mins.

The Movie Surveillance Zone, recently achieved India Book Of Records & Asia Book Of Records after “Oththa Seruppu” movie directed by Parthiban sir. Our movie also selected and screened by International Indian Film Festival Toronto, Canada last year but due to new casting, It was not recognised in our industry properly. Whereas, “Kaithi, Oh My Kadavule, Trance” movies also screened this year in the same film festival got good exposure and talks.

Lets wait for the new attempt movie to hit theatre/OTT .

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