Musk Works 20 Hours Per Day And Sleeps Only For 4 Hours?

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On 7th January, Telsa CEO Elon Musk triumphed over Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to become the world’s wealthiest man in the world after his net worth reached $188.5 billion on Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

Following he learned the news from a Twitter account called Telsa Owners Of Silicon Valley and Musk responded– ‘How Strange’ and followed it up saying ‘Well, back to work.’

Imagine you being Musk and you get notified about this, how would you react? Honestly, if I were Musk, I possibly will throw a party to my friends and family to celebrate the success. Celebration – this makes us different from successful people! The celebration is common and regular to us to beat the drum of success but it’s bizarre and outlandish to them, in other words, they channel themselves to withstand both success and failure.

Now if you’re wondering, how Musk can be so self-composed about this? Normally, we tend to characterise successful people to be the bossy, bragging and poised in nature. Regardless they depict the opposite nature by being humble, grounded and modest.

It’s common for anyone to think how is it possible? It’s possible only when one can live an organised, disciplined and committed life by setting up a few principles.  

Musk works 20 hours per day and sleeps only for 4 hours. According to him, working 80 to 100 hour every week can improve the odds of success – if others are scheduling 40 hours a workweek and if you schedule 100 hours a workweek, you can fetch the success in 4 months, usually what-it-takes others a year to achieve it. Here are few rules to success by Musk:

  1. Never give up
  2. Really like what you do
  3. Don’t listen to the little man
  4. Take risk
  5. Do something important
  6. Focus on signal over noise
  7. Look for problem solvers
  8. Attract great people
  9. Have a great product
  10. Work like a hell
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