Dark Secrets of Butterflies: They Scavenge on Dead Corpses?

Butterflies feeding on rotting Piranah

Butterflies are generally loved and looked upon for how delicate and beautiful they look. Their transformation from cocoon to fluttering wings are often quoted as an idiom of hard work, growth, and success in motivational speeches. Kids love it, lovers compare their partners with butterflies, their colours are fascinating, but did you know that there’s a lot more hiding behind it’s innocent guise. Nothing wrong, just a little gross. Here are some facts about butterflies that you probably won’t believe the first time you hear, but are true. If you adore them, I suggest you take this information lightly.

They feed on dead corpses, including humans. Butterflies need sodium, and they don’t get an adequate amount from just nectars and rotting fruits. So they prey on salty things for nourishment like fermenting sap, animal dung, decaying corpses. If a butterfly had ever landed on you and not your friend, and you rejoiced because you thought you were the chosen one, I’m sorry to break it but it was because it got attracted to your sweat or blood, and wanted to eat you. It probably did too, but you’ll never know cause it’s a very tiny amount, you won’t feel it sucking you. 

Mud puddling is a very common butterfly behaviour. Here male butterflies suck up the fluid from rotting organisms, dung, and obtain salts and amino acids, present it to females as a gift during reproduction, the nutrients are then passed down to her eggs. 

There are some species of butterflies that are particularly attracted to human urine for high levels of sodium content. They also tend to suck blood out of sleeping animals, not harmful, just a little amount. 

Here are seven not-so-nice things butterflies are into: ( Sourced from national geographic website)

  • Getting drunk
  • Fighting
  • Eating meat
  • Eating poop
  • Drinking tears
  • Tricking ants
  • Raping pupae

Do you still think butterflies deserve to be romanticized to this extent? Another lesson that looks are not everything. Lol.

Let me take one last chance and pull the biggest spoiler. If you ever sit alone in a garden, cry because you’re hurt, and a butterfly approaches you and warmly lands on your cheeks. It isn’t to console you but to drink your tears and feed on your pain. I’m sorry for ruining it, thank you. 

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