The Great Indian Kitchen : The first great film of 2021 is here

The Great Indian Kitchen should have been titled the ” The Great Indian Trick”. The trick that allows an the men in Indian households to treat their women as maids for life or even worse than that. The trick that allows men to get away with evils of patriarchy.

The film itself thrives on the art of deception. Jeo lures us with mouth watering food before unraveling the horror show right in front of our eyes. Yes, the actual horror films are not the ones involving the devil. It is films like this which manage to shake us up and forces us to reflect. The last film that gave me such nightmares was ” The Wife”. I muttered to myself that I should not be the man that I saw in the film. I did the same thing again after watching ” The Great Indian Kitchen”. It was a very hard reality check.

The film doesn’t show much in terms of events or sequences in the film. All that we get are mouth watering food and the waste that is thrown away after eating. If it was just a one off sequence we would have barely noticed it. But the sequences are repeated until it leaves the desired impact on the audience.

I haven’t come across an Indian film like this in recent years. Even in films which are supposedly progressive and speak up for women there are a thousand different excuses to sugarcoat the obvious. But the Great Indian Kitchen does nothing of that sort. There’s no holding back.

In a society which has been clinging onto patriarchy for generations one film like The Great Indian Kitchen is not enough. Much like the evils of patriarchy which go on like an endless loop there is a need for more profound statements like this one in the visual medium.

For now the ” The Great Indian Kitchen” is a rousing start. Available on NeeStream Platform.

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