Schizophrenia: In The Movie Parasite

Schizophrenia-Parasite movie

The movie ‘Parasite’ is a South Korean black humour thriller released in 2019, directed by Bong Joon-ho. The movie was recognized in various film festivals and it won four Oscar awards. If you wonder, what’s so special about this movie – it’s the story that revolves around two families – the wealthy Parks and the poverty-stricken Kims. The Kims’ son Ki-Woo snugs himself to tutoring English to the Parks’ daughter Da-Hye. Through Ki Woo, the entire family finds a way to sneak into the Parks’ home as servants by advocating each other as acquaintances. (I don’t want to give spoilers to those who did not watch the movie). But what I loved about this movie is the small details that the director paid attention to characters –  Jessica, especially with the schizophrenia scene.

The character Ki-Jung, sister of Ki Woo disguises herself as her brother’s friend by changing her name to Jessica. She puts up an act of art therapist to the Parks’ by forging a certificate of the Illinois State university degree of an art student to treat the Parks’ son Park Da-song who is an autistic child. 

Here is the painting displayed in the movie. 

Now don’t you think, it seems a little off from the regular kid’s painting. 

However, Jessica breaks it down for us by unveiling – the Parks’ son to be schizophrenic.

“Schizophrenia is a critical mental disorder, where people perceive the reality abnormally wherein there will be a sequence of hallucination, delusion, highly disturbed thinking, unsettled and unbalanced behaviour that affects a normal life leading to disabling. The person identified with this disorder needs life long treatment.” 

In the movie, the kid is identified to be schizophrenic where he experiences a stressful and emotional event which triggered into the psychotic episode – i.e., while eating his birthday cake he sees a man – the housekeeper Gook Moon-Gwang’s husband, who comes every night from the basement. But the kid was not aware of him instead, he assumed him to be a ghost. But researchers say, there are no exact reasons why schizophrenia occurs in a person.

Art therapy helps to understand the differences in schizophrenic individuals. And art plays a huge role to understand the patients’ bizarre world. Therapy can help them to cope up by resolving the distressing conflicts and advance emotional resilience. In the movie, the art student Jessica perceives the abnormality in the child by citing the schizophrenia zone in the painting. And do know there is no such zone identified in the painting done by a schizophrenic individual. Also, Jessica accepts that she googled about art therapy and we can assume that she made it up for the survival.

Here is a link: https://viralnova.com/schizophrenic-art/,  in this you will see the various art pieces created by schizophrenic patients. 

If you find any odd or bizarre art and which is not appealing or strange – please take the painter to a mental health professional.

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