Family’s Shared Delusion: Slaughtered Two Daughters


On 24th January night in Madanapalle town of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, Padmaja (mother) whapped her daughters (Alekhya and Sai Diviya) to death using dumbbells. After hearing strange noises and loud cries from the house, ushered their neighbours to call the police.

While the police tried breaking into the house, the couples prevented them from entering but the police forced into the house and found bodies of the two daughters covered in red clothes. Subsequently, their neighbours reported that during covid-19 lockdown period the family was said to be, behaving strangely and especially on Sunday i.e., 24th January.

During the initial enquiry about the incident – the accused couples said that,  their daughters will come alive again after the sunrise as Kaluga is coming to an end and satyuga will start from Monday (25th January). 

Read this:

After a week of enquiry, the case shipped from one end to another through delegated bizarreness in the case. 

Later, the accused couple was sent to RUIA, Tirupati. After inspection and counselling, Dr Nageshwar Rao, Head of Department of Psychiatry said: the accusers were suffering from mental health problems due to extreme devotion. 

Based on psychological analogy – The family has suffered from a shared psychotic disorder, which is an abnormal mental disorder developed by sharing a delusion among two or more people wherein the family were said to be highly spiritual with evidences like the house was filled with spiritual books. And I could say, it is a delusion of grandeur because both Padmaja (mother) and Alekhya (daughter) believed that they were manifestations of a god. Padmaja said she is Shiva and Alekhya believed she was Arjuna (I have attached links for the references).


The case took many sharp turns leading to various impossibilities. And this proves the old saying ‘too much is too bad’. Being spiritual and devotional is an individual’s choice. Getting highly influenced by anything can lead to incidents beyond one’s control. 

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