Cuckoo is the current favorite word for Tamil Music lovers!


No instrument could have matched Dhee’s cuckoo cuckoo.

Just when your heart calms down with her Cuckoo Cuckoo. Dhee shifts gears and hits you with,

“அல்லி மலர்க்கொடி அங்கதமே…
ஒட்டார ஒட்டார சந்தனமே…”

Arivu taking it from there. All the way to his mimics and just then Dhee joins in again with Kadale, Karaiye.. There just there, you will be caught and you could never stop yourself from humming the song.

Before watching the official video, I heard this song in Super singer performed by these two ingenious independent artists. ❣

The bonus gift was Arivu’s Jai Jai bhim ena solvome before performing Enjoy enjaami on the show. Man, nothing can unite us all like music does. And good music needs incredible independent artists like Arivu and Dhee

Credits :

S Sai vasudev
08| 03 | 2021

https://instagram.com/sai_vasudevan.s?igshid=153bg6q2ni04b – Instagram

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1319340135102609&id=100010799055706 – FaceBook

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