5 Years of Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum : Celebrating a beautiful romance

I was critical of KKK when it came out. Nalan changes the context of the pivotal scenes in the movie by rewriting it for the Tamil Audiences.  Perhaps it is our fault too for we have never been warm enough to embrace the bold and the beautiful.  Looking back the re-written scenes look like a minor blemish for Nalan retains the eternal beauty of those unspoken words in a stunning finale. I desperately hope that Tamil Cinema does more of this where love transcends the boundaries of language and retains the subtleness of the one emotion that has reverberated on celluloid over the years – Love.

The film is etched with lot of beautiful moments. It is very difficult not to fall in love with strangers who find their purpose through each other. But the film never attempts to overcomplicate the relationship. The bonding is quite natural as two wayward souls find solace in each other. Even after so many years the climax still feels like poetry.   Ah! Maybe that’s the ending this quirky romance deserved. Maybe it’s the realization that they both have reached their respective destinations in life. 

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