Zomato Incident : What really happened

Hitesha Kamaraj

A couple of days ago a woman customer had put out an Instagram video accusing a Zomato delivery guy of assaulting her. The customer’s name was Hitesha Chandranee and the delivery guy’s name was Kamaraj. Hitesha placed the order on March 9th. She said that there was a delay in delivery and that she had asked Kamaraj to wait while speaking to the Customer Care Executive after which Kamaraj abused her and punched her on the nose. This is Hitesha’s version. 

Meanwhile Kamaraj says it was Hitesha who verbally abused him and hit him with a chappal. She had actually taken the food and refused to pay. He also said he didn’t hit her. She had accidentally hit her own face with her ring which led to bleeding. While Kamaraj said that he does not wear any ring Hitesha is seen wearing a ring in her Instagram video. 

After the incident Kamaraj was investigated and he had to spend 25,000..

Now Zomato has offered a resolution to both the parties. While Hitesha’s medical expenses are being covered by Zomato the legal expenses for Kamaraj is also being paid by Zomato. Kamaraj has been suspended as per protocol but Zomato has vouched and supported Kamaraj saying that he is one of the highest rated delivery executives in Zomato with more than 5000 deliveries. 

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