A tribute to S.P Jananathan : A wonderful human being

A very simple person who lived for his art. A person who lived by his heart as well. He didn’t know to pretend. He never compromised on his creations. Irrespective of whether they hit the bull’s eye at the box office or not he knew he had a story to tell and was very firm on telling it his way. 

But then his off screen persona deserves a much bigger celebration. He embraced everyone and treated them with the warmth of a long time friend. People in the industry would say if you are having a bad day just go see Jananathan he drive all your worries away.  That’s how good he was. There was no pretentious sophistication or false airs. He was just himself all the time. 

He was well read too. Sit with him and he would discuss books for hours ignoring the passage of time. More than the creator I think the people who have been close to him will miss the very casual no airs friend who listened to them all the time. 
Rip Sir. Too soon.

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