Pavithra Lakshmi : From a novice to a princess

I never thought I would be emotional about Pavi leaving the show. From being an absolute novice when the show started out she has come a long way. The way she has embraced the Comalis as the episodes went along is truly heartwarming.

As she rightly said when the show started she was just Pugazh’s pair but now she has managed to carve an identity for herself. And she was gracious enough to admit Pugazh’s role in her growth. The warmth and the friendship between the two was very much evident in the unexpected emotional farewell.

But one thing connected on a personal level. The acceptance from people back home for what she does. It is something I always yearn for in my life and I might never get it but seeing someone else’s happiness for what they have done and how it has been accepted made me happy.

I have a feeling Pavi will go places and will go onto achieve bigger things. She deserves all the happiness to make up for all the traumas of her past. Good luck Pavi.

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