Virat Kohli about Umpire’s Controversial Decision in 4thT20 – OUT /NOT-OUT

In yesterday Match between India and England at Ahmedabad, we were able to witness excellent T20 entertainment with lots of twists and turns in every over . Team India lost the control till the 15th over , after the dismissal of Stokes and Morgan they took back the control and kept the series alive 2-2.

But , there were couple of controveries regarding catches in First Innings, Surya Kumar Yadav’s wicket was one of the most controversial talks around social media , even legendary players like Sehwag were trolling the umpires for the decision. After , seeing many angles , Third Umpire cannot able to get conclusive evidence of ball getting grounded so he decided to go with onfield decision “OUT“.

What is Soft Signal? Why they gave OUT ?

Soft signal is nothing but a real decision made by the on-field umpires for the wicket, on seeing David malans’s catch through naked eye and real time reply , even Surya Kumar Yadav’s face thought he was out by the excellant catch of David Malan. Though, the ball was grounded by seeing the camera, it is not 100% sure to beleive the technology .Even in the test match series, we saw the ball grounded for the catch taken by stokes, third umpire reverse the decison even after the soft signal is out. It might have technical error while comparing with the real time actions , even if we play 100times . So , according to ICC rules, if the third umpire did not get conclusive decision , the decision of onfield decision will be made final.

So, according to the real time activity , everyone around me while seeing the game is out, So its ‘OUT‘.

Virat Kohli suggestion on umpire’s call softsignal:

In the match Presentation, when virat kohli asked about this third umpire decision , he replied that umpires softsignals can also be not conclusive on softsignal instead of binary result(out/notout) its like asking a run-out decision for the third umpire.”The soft signal becomes that important and it becomes tricky. I don’t know why there can’t be an ‘I don’t know’ call with the umpires as well. It is similar to umpire’s call as well. These are decisions that can change the course of the game, especially in these big games. We were on the receiving side today, and tomorrow it could be some other team. You want these ironed out and keep the game really simple and linear“.

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