Dhanush : The boy next door wins again

Right from his Kadhal Kondein days he’s never put a foot wrong. Box office hits and misses are a different story. But to be consistently delivering top notch performances as an actor is an extraordinary feat.  He has managed to collaborate with directors who have moulded him from that raw young talent that he was in Thullavadho Illamai to the fine actor that he has become today.  And looking at the way he has shaped his career I firmly believe this is the second of many to come.

I remember being awestruck when Dhanush screamed ” Divya Divya” in Kadhal Kondein. He was the sole on-screen solace for sumar moonji kumar’s like me when we were in college. When people said “You are lean like Dhanush” there was a sense of assurance and happiness. That happiness and awe factor still remains 18 years after the film’s release thanks to the actor’s incredible performances.

Dhanush as Sivasamy was gold dust. The way he transforms from a fragile, drunk Dad to a very fierce and angry guy is almost Baasha like. We all felt the adrenaline rush when “Va Asura Va” played in the background. I am always surprised when Dhanush pulls off the young look. Asuran was no exception.  The transition in Sivasami’s character is seamless.

For being Sivasami  for making us root for Sivasami a national award is a well-deserved recognition.

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