Khaja Bhai Tiffin Center – 6 AM Biryani & Parotta

Welcome to Food Corner Section of our page , today we posted a review about the Khaja Bhai Tiffen center which is running over five decades in Chennai at Triplicane. Comment your views and opinions about the review and post your opinion about the shop if you have visited the shop .

About the Shop:
The shop is exactly located at the very beginning of Gazette Begum Street, Triplicane. They have a very old history of over 60 years. This is the 3rd generation of family taking up the restaurant. This place is very well known for its early morning foods. They are open from early morning 6 AM.

Check the full review video & location details on YouTube -Check the full review video & location details on Chennaying YouTube –

There are a few must try items to try out here. This place is meant for one of the best paaya in Chennai. And famous for 6 Am Biryani with some additional receipies of Nei Soru, Parotta with Paaya, Mutton Chops, Kari Dosa, Kheema Kalakki and Chicken Omlet. Also, Biryani will be available only on Wednesday and Sunday.

I tried almost all their must try dishes out of which paaya was out of the world. The way it was cooked itself made me drool. Even the bones were cooked well. The meat was very tender.
Chicken kheema ,omlet and kheema kalakki were also very unique to taste. Unfortunately I visited this shop on a Saturday, hence I missed to taste their biryani. I tried Nei soru with aatukaal paaya which was also a very good choice. Their parottas were usual and decent to taste.

Prices are afforrdable and worth the taste , If you visit with gang of Friends it will surely bring you the memorable taste experience .

  • Price List:
  • Biryani-100/160
  • Nei Soru-40/60
  • Parotta-12
  • Paaya-90
  • Mutton Chops-100
  • Kheema Kalakki-30
  • Chicken Omet-25

Main disadvantage is the ambiance and parking facility. I visited this shop by bike only. Even then I faced parking issues. The dine in space is very small and it can accommodate upto 10 persons at a time.

Credits : Chennaying YouTube Channel

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