Godzilla vs Kong : A very entertaining clash of Monsters

I have loved Kong from time he found his way into Naomi Watts heart way back in 2005. In the latest clash of monsters titled Godzilla vs Kong he once again manages to steal our hearts before all hell breaks loose.

Where is the logic? You might ask. But would you ask the same question if two action heroes or two superheros face off. That is exactly what Godzilla vs Kong is. Once the movie begins you surrender to the Monster’s world and have fun. There’s that mandatory emotional angle as well to showcase the humane side of a monster. I found that quite adorable. 

It might seem like I had completely forgotten about Godzilla. That is certainly not the case. Watching Godzilla wreck havoc is actually a lot of fun. I completely enjoyed it. You can’t challenge the king if you are not worthy enough. 
The film is extremely aware of what it wants to do. That is one of the reasons you can ignore the negatives in the film. Imagine a kid going wow seeing two monsters fight. Maybe that is exactly what we need to get through these troubled times. 

Available on HBO Max in the US and in theatres in India. Go watch it. 

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