New to Reading? I’ll Tell You Where to Start.


People often make ‘reading’ sound like a sophisticated scholastic action. When you read a lot, people might term you a nerd. Buried in books is considered wise? Books do make you wise in a sense, but do you know that there are different purposes behind why one reads. Academic studies, critical understanding of a subject, to obtain information and many more, but let me tell you what’s the best of all! It’s entertainment, the pleasure and happiness you get out of reading a book. 

Hands down, reading takes effort, so does sitting down, concentrating and watching a movie that’s 150 mins long. But reading might demand a little more from your part. Books work in two-way, the more you’d like to dwell in it, the more it gives you back. Reading ain’t a task at all when you realise what you get out of it. If movies thrill you, then it means stories do too. And books are detailed typed versions of stories, it always gives you more than movies. More details about the plot, structure, your favorite characters, what goes on in their mind and more space for imagination. 

A new reader can start with what excites them the most. Fictions will intrigue you to keep reading to keep knowing what happened to the people in the book, so when you begin, it’s better to pick fictions. Then once you’ve developed the habit of reading you can venture into non fictions, verses, etc,. 

Now how to pick the right book? The first experience is important. You need to get the right book to stick to reading because reading ain’t common as watching movies nor it’s rare. Look for your favorite movie genres, and choose a best-selling book from that genre itself. Don’t force yourself at any point to read, do it for pleasure in your leisure time. It’ll make you feel less lonely. Whenever you feel like you got nothing to do, you can pick that pdf of that book on your phone and continue reading and leave this reality. Avoid classics in the beginning, read contemporary. It’s easier to understand and relate. Maybe you could read the movie that you love that’s adapted from a book.

Reading fiction to me has always been better than watching movies. When you take a book, you read it for a while. You travel with the characters. you hang in there till where you’ve read, mind your work, and then get back into their fictional lives again. The whole process is therapeutic, it gives space for us to imagine. Young adult fiction is a nice genre to begin with, because it’s almost impossible to stop reading/ abandon books like ‘Fault in Our Stars’ once you’ve started it. Then you can read fantasies, mystery, psychological thrillers, crime novels or any genre you love. 

It’s a myth that reading is boring, it puts you to sleep, that it’s not for everybody. I don’t understand, when Harry is recklessly flying into the dark clouds chasing the golden snitch with dementors on the top, tension among the audience, yes it’s four pages long but Harry is in grave danger, how can anybody fall asleep between this. Characters from books become your friends, you’ll get to know them too well. Your vocabulary will get better. Don’t worry about not understanding a few words in between. Any language you take, even if you are very good at it, there will always be something that’s new, that you haven’t heard of before. As you expose yourself to new texts, you’ll understand the alien word simply with relation to the context. 

If you’ve been thinking reading ain’t for you, it’s either because you didn’t try nor didn’t pick the right book. Some book recommendations to start with:

  1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – YA Fiction
  2. All the Bright Places – Jennifer Niven – YA Fiction
  3. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini – One of the best created in fiction.
  4. Behind Closed Doors – B. A. Paris – Psychological Thriller
  5. The Harry Potter / Narnia Series – Fantasy Fictions

If you are going through a reader’s block, and find yourself unable to read, then it’s okay to take a break. No pressure. Reading is not the only way to gain knowledge.

Once you become a reader, there’s no way out. 

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