Top 3 Places to Eat Biryani in Chennai

Welcome to the Food Corner Section of our Page. Today We are exploring the Top 3 place to eat biryani in Chennai. Check out this article and share your comments on it if you have visited them already.

Chennai is also known as the “Biryani Capital” of the country. Not just for the taste of biryani here but for the varieties of biryani with good taste. In Chennai you can get almost all the varieties of biryani which exist. You can taste great biryani starting from ₹50 to ₹500 rupees. These Ranks are completely based on our assumpions and taste experience on the particular Day .

We have listed our favourite Briayani below based on the taste of the food .

3. Bashas Durbar Biryani 

  • ‌This is one of the best spots to taste the authentic muslim marriage style biryani in Chennai. 
  • ‌They have been doing this for almost 10 years now. They started their business with supplying party orders and now they are supplying to customers on a daily basis.
  • ‌Their taste is very unique and it’s a wood fired biryani. Both Chicken and Mutton Biryani are my favorite here. 


  • ‌They don’t have a proper seating at the dine in space. It’s compact and small.

Check out the complete review :

2. Yaa Mohaideen Biryani 

  • ‌ If you are a Chennaite I am sure you would have come across this name at least once in your lifetime. They have been the best brand for almost 2 generations now. 
  • ‌They serve the best Mutton Biryani in Chennai till date. The authentic taste and quality of meat they use is just outstanding. This is the people’s favourite biryani in Chennai. 


  • ‌The only negative thing here is, as they grew up with multiple franchises they reduced the quantity of the portions. They also serve Chennai’s best bread halwa.

1. SS Hyderabad Biryani

  • This tops the first as they provide the best quality and taste with a very big quantity to the customers. 
  • ‌The single Chicken biryani which costs ₹190 will be sufficient for 2 individuals. They also have more than 8 outlets in and around chennai. 
  • ‌They are the best when it comes to taste and quantity with a budget friendly price. 
  • ‌They are also famous for their “BUCKET BIRYANI” which comes with all the accomplishments such as raitha, brinjal gravy, bread halwa and Chicken 65.

Credits : Chennaying YouTube Channel

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