5 Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are these majestic creatures that put us in awe every time we imagine, think and talk about them. These humongous reptiles walked the earth about 65 million years ago (marking the end of the Cretaceous Period) for about 245 million years. Their name Dinosaur was coined in 1842, comes from a Greek word, meaning fearfully great lizards. Paleontologists have so far discovered remains of 700 different species of dinos. All we know about them is based on these findings. Fossils of bones, teeth, footprints, eggs, etc,. Now let’s quickly jump into 5 interesting facts on these Dinos. 

  • Dinosaurs for their gigantic size had very tiny brains. A dino that weighed about 5 tons had a brain of no more than 80 grams. But that doesn’t mean they were unintelligent beings. It’s because unlike humans with a skull protecting the brain, their skull facet was located in its jaw structure. So the available space was filled with powerful muscles for biting, and the brain was buried here under a thick case. 
  • There are many theories about how they went extinct, but none of it can be proved substantially. The popular asteroid, meteor or comet impact concept is the widely believed idea, although that doesn’t make sense of how the whole of the species was wiped off the face of earth. Starvation was another possibility. 
  • Argentinosaurus was the largest dinosaur and that makes it the largest land animal ever known. It grew roughly around 37 meters tall, that is about 8 floors high. 
  • We generally think of Dinosaurs as creatures too big, but did you know that there were species that were too tiny. Like the Microraptors that weighed less than a kg, the Tyrannosaurus that weighed 2 kgs, less than the stray dogs here. 
  • Dinosaurs weren’t all ferocious and meat-eating. There were plant-eating ones too, and they grew so big. They had massive long necks. Argentinosaurus, which I mentioned earlier belongs to this category. It was named so because their first fossils were unearthed in Argentina. 

Their fossils are being discovered in all continents of the world including Antarctica. Greatest variety of species have been found in particular countries like North America, China and Argentina. 

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