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K-Conversations is a little unofficial platform where two authors, friends and drama buffs come together to decode, discuss and celebrate some of their favorite dramas. Thanks for coming to read this. 

S: Yo bro! How was the drama that I last recommended?

R: Heyyyaa! I thoroughly enjoyed the drama. It was really a nice watch 🙂

S: Haha! Ikr. I told ya. It’s worth watching. Alright, let’s not forget we have people reading this here and without further ado reveal the name of the drama.

R: Yea, like they don’t know it already. It’s written big and bold on the title. Hahaha.

S: Shoot, right! Now Search: WWW was a drama that went beyond my expectations. I adore it dearly. The concept of women empowerment makes me want to recommend it to everyone who believes in equality and loves watching dramas. What is your favorite aspect about it?

R: Breaking the stigma of a conventional society. How a woman from our society, older than 35 is considered to have lost her youth and is condemned from trying new things in life, most women dedicate their whole lives for their families and never once live for themselves. But here our protagonist, Bae Ta Mi is 38 years old when the shot opens. She has a whole life of drama worthy content in front of her. You’re never too old to discover yourself, learn a new skill, go for an adventure and fall in love. All of it and more is manifested here. And what’s important is that it could happen. It’s not altogether an only-drama concept. 

S: That being said, I have to mention the romance part. OMG! Park Morgan was such a dream to watch. And the thrill in dating younger guys was well executed. Even when you try to not be a conformist, sometimes what society speaks still matters to you. Dating someone younger can follow you up with a lot of criticism and self-doubts. Your worth will be questioned by your consciousness, you’ll keep asking yourself if you are good enough. But, what matters is the present and what you feel about the person there. Planning the future is not bad, but meddling with the plan a lot can ruin the present. Ta Mi confuses, self doubts, questions but eventually runs back to love and comfort. And that’s simply life. How little it is, let’s just do things that make us feel warm.

R: Oh yes! Park Morgan and Ta Mi’s romance opens to new doors of perspectives. I also adore Scarlet and Seol Ji-hwan’s romance. I loved the concept of falling in love with an actor whom you admire on the television screen. It reminds me of an old school love story. Also, this relationship depicts that not every time the men have to protect and surprise the women, it can be the other way around. I really appreciate her stunts she performed to protect and save him. ‘When I See You On Tv’ OST is the perfect match for this couple. Lol.

S: The drama is a win-win just for it’s romance and rarity in the plot. But god, there is so much more as to why someone should watch it. Generally Kdramas are slow paced, they at times have unwanted flashbacks, bgms, slo-mo cuts but this was different. I didn’t feel the need to skip any scenes. Nothing felt unnecessary. The cinematography was very good. Special appreciations to the sense of fashion and the locations they used to shoot. 

R: Absolutely, I can’t deny the fact when it comes to fashion. K-drama is known for its unique style of fashion. And this drama has shown various styles for working women. 😛 

S: Exactly. Their formal wear looks so cool. What do you think about the title?

R: Woah! I don’t want to give spoilers to our readers. But I have a perspective to share with y’all. Search: WWW has its own significance by hinting the viewers that the story revolves around three women (Ta Mi, Scarlet and Ga Kyeong). You can actually see the poster of this drama, the three Ws are presented with the long legs of three women. Also, I wanted to ask you, how do you see the character Song Ga Kyeong?

S: Song Ga-Kyeong runs for nothing but success. She’s given up on a lot. Her marriage life is a show, she’s treated like a mere adornment added to her in-law’s wealth. But how long can someone hold it all in? Her substantial growth in the company, self realisation and help from the other women around her brings her out of the trap. Again, a typical woman who’s expected to dedicate her whole life for her family sort of an idea. 

R: Totally! Also, the climax felt so fresh. How it ended with just these three women, and not their work, family or love life felt so cool. Love, work and family are parts of a woman’s life, they can never be it all. At the end of the day she is her own person, independent of any external factor.

S: You are yours and nobody can own you, even in the name of love. Moving on, the work environment is one topic that I’d need to discuss here. I’d give my all for a boss like Brian. In a very conservative society like South Korea this drama brings in many progressive ideas. Treating all co-workers as equals in one of them. The atmosphere he creates to exert work from his employees is modern, authoritative but not domineering. This gains both respect and fondness towards him. They work together like a family. 

R: Every drama has a hidden meaning about life. This drama would give a ray of hope to anyone. In general, women can get inspired, motivated and drawn to achieve anything in the world with determination. And I am so glad that you recommended me to watch the drama, else I would have missed an amazing and inspiring watch. So here we come to the end of our conservation! If you have read the entire conversation, please go watch the drama. It’s available on Netflix.

S: Ngl, the drama made me want to be productive. Hinted me that being workaholic can be fun when you enjoy what you do. If you’ve made it till here and watched the drama already, please do join us in the conversation by leaving your views in the comment box. Bye bye.

R: Bubyeee!! 

Curated by @ramya-velu and @seethalaxmi-palkumar

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