The Pseudoscience Behind How Vijay Sees The Future In Azhagiya Tamil Magan


The Indian Cinema has always tried to use psychological concepts as a storyline or plot to create a screenplay that draws the attention of a wide range of audiences. Nevertheless, most of the audiences fail to understand the psychical dynamics allied with movies by cogitating on fantasy and feeling it to be disconnected from reality. Only hand-picked individualists try researching these concepts to understand the story better.

Despite that, the Tamil industry has adapted few determinants related to the subject of psychology way back in the 2000s. One such movie is Azhagiya Tamil Magan directed by Bharathan and written by S.K. Jeeva. The protagonist Guru played by Vijay possesses ESP (extra sensory perception), also called the sixth sense. Generally, living beings use five senses to detect information, whereas by possessing this psychic ability, an individual will have the power to receive and process information directly with the help of the mind alone.

There are six types of ESPs. Here, Guru can perceive information or can foresee the future through series of visuals scenes, this is called Clairvoyance. The term was derived from French words Clair – clear and voyance- vision. 

If you had watched the movie, Guru can acquire information about the future in detail. For example, he can foresee his neighbour kid’s death and vivid images of him stabbing his girlfriend (Shriya). After several disturbing visuals images, he visits a psychiatrist and learns about his ESP ability. 

If you are wondering, whether the concept is scientifically proven or accepted? ESP comes under the parapsychology category which is considered to be non-scientific bodies of knowledge or sometimes called a branch of pseudoscience due to the fact of having anecdotal shreds of evidence. 

Also, I noticed the Azhagiya Tamil Magan page in Wikipedia has sentenced ESP to be a syndrome. Note, it is not a medical condition with a set of signs and symptoms. It is a rare conditioned psychic ability.

 In my opinion, I feel all of us possess ESP with very little frequency. For example, have you ever had another person say something when you were thinking about it? At least once in a lifetime, this could have happened and this is called Telepathy, one of the types in ESP.

Watching big stars movies in the theatres is a must to-do activity in Tamil households. In 2007, Azhagiya Tamil Magan was released. I was around 6 years old. After watching the movie I asked my mother, is it possible for anyone to perceive information of such kind? She simply told me, it is the writer’s imagination. 

Definitely, I can’t deny it. But we should try to understand that the writer’s imagination is tagged along with certain ideas that can be the intrigue concerning the entire plot of the movie.  

Fast forward I am 19 years old now. Every time my lecturer introduces a new concept in my psychology class, I gradually tend to link incidents, memes, movies or songs to remember my learnings for a long time. 

Not very long ago, my lecturer asked my class to work on few topics like telepathy and clairvoyance. And I was reminded of this movie. I tried to google these particular details. And unfortunately, I did not find any. Also, I read through the review sections and found only quite a few people to be aware of this. So here I am writing a blog about this.

Ps: If you have found any interesting constituents associated with psychology, comment below.

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