The Movie Mandela – Freedom To Vote

The Movie Mandela

Madonne Ashwin’s Mandela is trending #3 in Netflix India by ripening the movie to talk of the town. Nelson Mandela is a prominent revolutionary leader who fought for freedom, justice and equality for black people in South Africa. Here, the title of the movie – Mandela discloses the freedom to vote during elections.

The movie’s storyline and plot manifest the political and social issues faced by the citizens of India by using dark humour as a tool. The political satire impersonates the entire nation or Tamil Nadu’s plight squeezed between two political parties. Even today in remote villages of India, the caste system is tagged along with the political influences. 

The movie is a breakthrough for the younger generation to learn – how the oppressed caste is treated by the upper caste individualists. In the past, the ones who belonged to the lower caste worked as barbers, clobbers, manual scavengers, garbage collectors etc. Here, Yogi Babu belongs to a lower caste and works as a barber. He is maltreated by the villagers by subjugating him with ill names which leads him to lose his identity. 

Besides, the portrayal of isolation of Yogi Babu (who stays under a tree) by the rural community, depicts how the Dalits lived back in the days. Hand-in-hand the director shows the rivalry of the politicians who aims for the post in the Panchayath election with money as the basic element. 

Also, the movie suggests the raw side of the election processes through victimization of the innocent public by becoming slaves in electing a good leader and reflecting the importance of voting. Bribing the citizens by giving them freebies to vote shows the incompetence to provide necessities such as good road, education and street lights by illustrating the expectation of any normal citizen. For example, spotlighting the importance of the public toilet and showing the difficulties faced by women. That reminds me of the advertisement of Vidya Balan’s shauchalay (toilet) in the remote villages. 

It takes courage to create a political satire which is beautifully written and directed. The screenplay was good. And the title card of the movie shows the gist of the plot. 

The actors got into the characters. The music was amazing, if you pay attention to the music, it detailedly talks about oppression in society. It was a good watch. If you have reached here, give it a watch.

The IMDb rates – 8.6/10

Where to watch? – Netflix

My ratings: 4.7/5

Ps: Everybody needs to watch it. And I loved the fact that they weren’t open to any caste or political party rather named it as southern and northern people to generalise it as a whole. 

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