Harry Potter’s Clumsy Child Syndrome: Dyspraxia

Harry Potter, the widespread of imaginary mastery that has been entertaining individuals belonging to the different groups. Many prefer books and some choose movies. Subsequently, J.K. Rowling’s seven series of Harry Potter has bought billions into the fandom to celebrate the fantasy involving the realistic creation of characters that anyone could relate to. 

In 2008, the protagonist of Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe, admired by millions, publicised his condition of mild dyspraxia. Dyspraxia is a neurological disorder concerned with childhood developmental coordination. It was previously called clumsy child syndrome. 

In the set of Harry Potter, Radcliffe was able to prepare his scripts very easily and faster compared to his motor activities such as tying his shoelaces, throwing a ball or writing. 

In general, it involves other symptoms, for example, extreme clumsiness which is the most common among the individuals with dyspraxia and activities involving motor skills such as tripping and knocking of almost everything, having troubles with gripping and balancing things. 

Multitasking would not be a skill for them to adapt, like walking and talking at the same time. Besides, the major concern would be problems related to movement or specific motor abilities, they would face difficulties in walking straight and sometimes it may affect simple activities like stirring and mixing. 

At times, dyspraxia is associated with a learning disability in particular dyslexia and it can cause a critical issue with learning and adapting concepts by affecting the memory directly. 

It is a rare conditioned disorder that affects an individual’s developmental functions lifelong. Sometimes the disorder goes unnoticed by parents because it shows diverse symptoms and it widely differs from child to child.

Occupational and psychical therapy is the common treatments prescribed for children conditioned with dyspraxia, if the conditions worsen, then parents should consider seeking help from medical assistance in neurology. 

Being a Potterhead, I am so proud of Daniel for considering the fact to be open about his condition with his fans which has the possibilities to fill the courage in thousands of individuals, who are suffering from any kind of mental health condition in the fandom by normalising and accepting it to be okay.

Never be ashamed of any kind of condition related to mental health. It is just that your brain needs a little extra time to process the information nothing more than that. But just know that slow and steady wins the race. And you are totally fine!

Ps: Everybody has difficulty with something to adapt. But some have it in severe conditions, all of us have individual differences. This is a very personal note from me. Comment below, if you have suffered from any kind of difficulty. 

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