International Workers’ Day: Gratitude and Prayers To Frontline Workers Fighting Against COVID-19.


All of us are devastated by the news about getting off the ground COVID-19 cases and high death rates coming out in India. The second wave of COVID-19 is swiftly slipping into a catastrophic crisis. Hospitals are agonisingly filled with patients and oxygen supplies are running low. People are crumbling in lines just to see doctors and increasing evidence is intensifying that the actual death rate is higher than the officially reported deaths.

There is one death from COVID-19 every 5 minutes. Personnel pouch that store the dead are scattered everywhere. People are being crammed into one hospital bed or searching for ambulances or dying at-home quarantine. But some people are fighting the virus along with the sick. On the account of International Workers’ Day let’s extend our gratitude and prayers to everyone fighting and safeguarding our society against COVID-19.

To all the medical doctors, who are running everywhere around the hospital to save millions of lives. To the nurses and health workers who are tirelessly taking care of the sick. Also, to the ambulances drivers and attenders who are incessantly serving the ills to reach the hospitals.

Besides, we also need to facilitate the pyre builders who are helping thousands of family to cremate their loved ones by risking their lives. And to the cooperative sanitisation workers who are working all day long with chemicals to kill the deadly virus for our safety and healthy environment.

‘Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much,’ says Helen Keller, all we can do is pray, hope and help to overcome this agitating situation. So let’s follow, today’s google doodle’s message: Get Vaccinated. Wear Masks. Save Lives.

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