Love, Simon: See Yourself Through The Character Simon


Being geared to unmask the identity, he took the edge of his mails through one word -From warmly, Jacques To love, Simon that set a milestone in a young teenager’s life. By seeing desires to pave the way to new beginnings of life, the movie has come a long way to break the silence of many. I have already hinted at the name. Now, is your mind painting the picture of Simon? Do you see that loving son, understanding brother and weird-crazy friend in your mind? If you could, that’s amazing. 

In today’s article, let me give you a rundown about my views on Simon Spier of Love, Simon (movie) or Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (book). 

Disclaimer: I’m tired of writing formal articles for a long time. So for the very first time, it is going to be a very personal article. I hope you have a good read. Thank you in advance. 

So recently while exchanging my playlists with my friends, we happened to hum strawberries and cigarettes by Troye Sivan. Suddenly one of my friends asked me if I had watched Love, Simon and I was half-witted. Summed to which he recommended me to give it a watch. 

Love, Simon – The movie was released way back in 2018. But for some reason, I don’t know why I never came across it. Strangely nobody even bothered to suggest it. Following, I was teased that it was the most expected LGBTQA+ genre movie among the wide audiences. But I was so clueless about it. Never mind I finally got to watch it at least 3 years later. 

From the very first scene – glimpsing Simon’s family, friends at school and his secret can set anyone to wear the thinking cap. As a teenager, all of us indeed wanted to conform along with our peer group in every single aspect of activity or life and prove our parents that we are not indifferent from others. So does Simon. I was impressed by the film crews’ glimmering idea of presenting the conventional societies conception of bringing straight is considered to be normal and restructuring it by breaking the stigma in the end. Even though it is not directly run over through the scenes, you can see Simon speak of the cuff to his friend Nick during a party that he likes women, to be par with Nick. Sometimes the societal pressure forces us to build the wall to be conscious-stricken and to not get trapped in ill-ease situations.

I was agonised to see the tsunami of emotions that one is guarded to untangle their gender identity. It made me aware that there are so many Simons around the world who have accepted themselves in the LGBTQA+ community but the countless fear and insecurity produced by society made them choose silence and ignorance. Simon didn’t want to come out because he was scared of his family falling apart and he was terrified that his friends might hate him. It seemed like a challenge for him because he wondered if the school would ignore and victimize him. The perfect example was depicted in the scene where his bunch of school mates were trying to verbally harass a gay high school student that puts Simon and Bram anonymously rooting for each other through emails. 

“I am still me” – while Simon says that to his mom after coming to his parents, it numbed and linked me to their insecurities.

We failed as humans to understand and educate other people around us. We have made it difficult for the ones in the community to be open about their gender. They feel weak and threatened around people seeing that we use their vulnerability to knuckle them down. 

We can see ourselves through the character Simon. Not necessarily one has to be gay to relate to Simon. So far as we have boundaries set for ourselves, we are restricted from our happiness.

I know it gets hard while thinking about crossing the limits bearing in mind that we can be the reason to bring turmoil in relationships with others. Sometimes we should think about it and try to reflect on everything we do.

PS: If you have watched the movie or read the book, comment below your thoughts, views and perspectives. I’d love to read them. 

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