Here Is How Thangameengal Brought Out The Dark Reality Of Education


Have you ever heard of an old saying, “goldfish brings good fortune?” In 2013, Thangameengal (goldfishes), an awe-inspiring Tamil film stroke a piece of luck in the South Indian Film Industry by exposing the standard issues of students faced in the Indian education system. The social satire set as the plot unfolds through the story of a father-daughter relationship.

In today’s article, let us take a look at the disputes encountered by the students with references in the movie.

Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me– A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

In a classroom, every student is different from one another. But the commonness between the students is yearning for the teacher to understand and empathise with them. If you had observed the director Ram represents the impact of a teacher on a child by drawing a line of differences from two different teachers – Elvita and Stella.

Elvita being a little kind towards Chellamma, the daughter, draws her attention to an extent that she desires to change her name to Elvita. By forming a bond or creating a rapport with the children has the potential to resolve problems related to anything that is concerning the child.

Here, Chellamma is identified with a learning disability, even though it is not brought to view, it is very evident that she is slightly dyslexic. She is having a hard time with spelling and writing at a good pace.

These terminologies have found its way on the level of dark incidents faced by individualists for finding a different way to learn and adapt. People identified with learning disability learn differently, for example, Chellamma is confused with alphabet M and W, she tends to interchange the alphabets quite often, puts her into a scenario whereas the teacher Stella starts mocking and disregarding in front of the entire class by labelling her with ‘W’.

Fascinatingly the father Kalyani understands his daughter so well that he teaches her to write by meeting the mind of his daughter. Today’s examination and schooling system has created a chaotic and less empathising behaviour in teachers that has terribly failed in mentoring. I recently completed my learning disability short course that opened my eyes to see the cruel education system that barges against innocent kids by forcing them to learn things that is beyond their mental capacity.

Here, Chellamma is set down and judged as மந்தம் (mandam) by almost everyone except her father. The society intends every child to blend enough to be brilliant as other kids who study or mug up the entire study materials to approve their intelligence by scoring marks and grades set by the Government. It is very ridiculous to see such things happening in our society. Also, even though Chellamma is not able to cope up with the school, she is a curious cookie, bright and chirpy child who understands situations.

In the entire movie, there were no comparisons made between the kids that show every child is extraordinary and incredible in their own way. The second thing to note is about the schools. I want to pay my homage to director Ram for setting up the plot and message clear to the audience. The school is never a problem. If you study at a government or private school, it never really matters. What does matter is having good teachers around you to mentor? In the end, the message and dedication implied redirecting the truth.

போதுமான வசதிகள் இல்லாவிட்டாலும். போதிய ஊதியம் கிடைக்காவிட்டாலும். தன்னார்வத்தினால் பணிபுரிகிற அனைத்து ஆசிரியர்களுக்கும் (The movie is dedicated to those teachers who work with their self-interest even though there are not enough resources or doesn’t receive any handsome salary)

In Indian households, most of the parents believe that Government schools don’t have many facilities so opting to send their kids to private schools will open to exposures of betterment. But I would disagree with this fact completely if you view it from a different perspective, people who graduated from reputed schools and colleges have reached heights as same as the ones graduated from Government educational centres., a college with a name in the society might look nice to see on the CV resume, but in reality, the takeaways and learning from a particular teacher is very important and necessary for the growth.

Even though you don’t identify yourself with a learning disability, you might be comfortable with a knack to learn and grasp. Many of you would have the efficiency to watch YouTube videos to learn your subject, some of you would have the habit to write and soak the knowledge and very quite a few of you might listen to a lecture to become proficient in your subject.

There are different and unique ways to learn. What is easy for you can turn out to be difficult for somebody. The schools were built to help and guide students according to their capabilities. But who knew it would turn out to be a nightmare?

If you have reached the end of this article, at least once your favourite teacher might have crossed your minds. Just sit back think, why did he/she cross your mind. Everybody would have different reasons or sometimes you don‘t need to have a reason to like a teacher too. Imagine if all teachers were supposed to be the favourite teachers, how amazing a school or college life would have turned out?

PS: What are your thoughts? And how do you think we can bring about a change for betterment? Do let me know in the comment sections.

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