How To Create A Positive Mental Attitude During The COVID-19 Pandemic


The word positive is an intensifying buzzword at the moment with everyone not wanting to catch the sight of this term, especially on the RT-PCR tests. The COVID-19 outbreak of the second wave has incepted emotions of fear, worry and grief which is considered to be the most common responses to any outrageous events.

While preparing and adapting ourselves to new normalities, we are back to the pavilion by being exposed to a more dangerous condition. The entire nation is facing intensified situations that drain several positive energies by snatching away the new normal life through significant changes such as imposing lockdown. 

Every day, we receive thousands of WhatsApp forwards or we catch a glimpse of the Instagram stories that spread a word across about the plight of random strangers, who are finding beds, oxygen supplies and grieving the death of loved ones. 

It is very exhausting and challenging to stay positive amidst the dreadful tragedy of the pandemic. Everyone wants to stay positive at any point. But people don’t quite understand what positivity is.

Before you could stay positive, you need to feel and think positive. Let’s start by defining positivity. Google’s dictionary defines the word positivity as constructive, optimistic, or confident. Now I am going to abbreviate this definition more clearly – you need to feel and think constructively, optimistically and confidently. To keep it simple, positivity is the by-product of these attitudes. 

Now you can ask me, how do you practice this attitude? The answer is simple – you don’t practice it. You need to be aware of your thoughts, emotions and circumstances on a time-time basis. I came across a technique from the book Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty. While talking about negativity, Jay takes his readers to understand the reverse internal negativity where he briefs about a natural way to declutter, recognize and neutralize the external negativities through a simple technique: Spot, Stop and Swap. 

For an instance, if you receive the information of someone being tested positive or dead, it is not very easy to feel positive about it. But you need to be aware and address the negative emotions which are toxic to your mind by amending them. By using the above method you can:  

Spot a feeling or issue – you need to understand your emotions.

Stop to understand what it is – try not to jump over other thoughts that can trigger despair.

Swap in a new way of processing it – practice gratitude, be grateful for not catching the virus and for staying in a healthy environment. Also, I suggest you look into the smallest things that you’re grateful for – someone to talk to or share your thoughts. 

By practising the above strategies, you automatically start to think and feel positive through which you can manifest yourself into positive energy that can uplift anybody who is suffering by offering your mental support. If not you will be mentally strong to face things.

PS: If you have reached the end of this article, thank you for reading it. And virtual hugs to you, if you are negatively charged, it is very erroneous to say everything will be alright, so don’t worry you will be okay. 

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