Importance Of Being There For Oneself


Once Tony Robbins said, “Problems are the gifts that make us dig out and figure out who we are, what we’re made for, and what we’re responsible to give back to life.

All of us are bound to face different sorts of problems every single day. Neither someone can escape nor be free from it. No matter what, everybody has to go through it! Sounds rude, isn’t it? But you can’t deny the fact. Just look around, can you spot anybody free from problems or issues? No. A Big no, there is no one set out free.

Ideally, the matter of fact is how one deals with the problems. Have you ever come across this quote: “Half of your problems are solved when you have someone who patiently listens to your worries.”

But in today’s day and age, one of the major concerns, for young children, teenagers, adults and old age individuals are seeking a listening ear to hear out their worries. . Epictetus, a Greek philosopher said, “We have two ears and one mouth, so we can listen twice as much as we speak.” And the biggest disappointment is that – nobody does want to listen.

And did you know? If you master your mind anything is possible. To work on yourself, you need to vibe alone. It is the best way to obtain inner peace and fix you.

If a conflict strikes an individual it takes courage to suffer alone, nobility to learn from it and sensibleness to try various things to attain peace. These changes are considered to be healthy. In today’s article let’s discuss how one can be there for oneself through tough situations and problems.

Firstly, under the best circumstances, we need to realise that – everybody is going to change similarly to how seasons change. In the hands of fate, today the ones we consider close enough is not going to be there with us forever. The possibility for them to stay depends on their view on your changes.

Instead of expecting someone else to understand us, we need to embark on a journey of self-discovery. While travelling to find ourselves, we will come across many hidden vulnerabilities and intimacies that can help us to reflect on ‘who we are, who we were and how these plays into who we’re becoming.’

It is not an easy path to step on because we need to have time, space and the moment to look back and to ask ourselves, it depends on the mental stability to face it. But no doubt these questions can help in building character and to change a life by diminishing and enhancing your belief system.

Recently I was listening to the On Purpose podcast by Jay Shetty, last summer he had invited a prominent singer, fifteen times Grammy award winner Alicia Keys to his show on the occasion of releasing her autobiography – More Yourself. In the podcast, she shared about the bond and connection with herself through healing, meditation and reflection.

She said the society has painted the picture of a father and his roles, we feel devastated and angry when they don’t fulfil or meet our expectations. On second thought we don’t wear their shoes to get an idea about their cognize of life and comprehend how they look at the world.

It is very necessary to identify and understand everyone’s apprehension towards life. Trust me, once we try to be conscious and wise enough to stumble on others’ perceptions of the world, life and relationship. We will stop feeling the emotions, we are feeling them right now. Rather we will start to feel compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic towards our fellow beings.

“Discovering who you are today is the first step to being who you will be tomorrow.”

Go ahead and guide yourself through self-questioning your thoughts, words and actions. Analyse it and conclude who you truly are. You will gain a deeper understanding of your self, values and purpose in life.

PS: My all-time favourite quote is: “A strong person can always be found alone; a weak person can always be found in a crowd.” Many of us don’t admit or want to make it visible to our loved ones about the pain and struggles we go through simply because we are afraid to lose them. I wouldn’t include all of them in this category. The right ones will accept and stand by your side no matter what. If they don’t, remember you are enough.


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