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It is tiring for all of us to make a decision early in the morning, isn’t it? Have you ever been late to college or office because you were confused to choose a dress to wear from your clothespress? It is a simple task but the energy spent on regulating to pick was more. If you belong to the above category of people, don’t worry there are other 62% of women and 33% of men who experience wardrobe rage on deciding what to wear every day.

But did you know? Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook wears the same patterned t-shirt every single day to avoid wasting time on choosing what to wear. Also, Jay Shetty openly accepted that he buys the same pair of Nike clothes cautiously to save his time. Once Franklin Field said, “The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: “I Did Not Have Time.”

Most of you overthink, crib and procrastinate the entire day for not being productive to get enough things done. But how many of us have put enough efforts to think and analyze to bring out solutions to make our day and livelihood worthwhile.

Calling it time management is too academic to use these days. But ultimately the most successful people concentrate on managing time to increase efficacious growth by building on being well-organised to yield guaranteed success.

Today, let’s inculcate few habits to save, create and make more time by using simple techniques through this article.  

Firstly, all of us have priorities set in our life. But the action expresses the priorities. The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. But I have seen a lot of my friends complaining about not having enough time for their hobbies or anything for that matter. Here we need to understand that you need to either run the day or the day runs you. Nobody is busy. And habits along with certain disciplinary etiquette can help you plan your priorities.

Already half the year has passed. Most of you would have thrown away your yearly journals already because you couldn’t focus on recording your daily activities. After all, you couldn’t get yourself to do it. Nevertheless, you need to understand that working on certain things step by step will facilitate productivity. One step at a time is all it takes you to get you there. Before you could plan a year, you must set commitments for a day, tasks for a week, targets for a month and goals for a year.

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned. We don’t have to be highly organised but you need to have crystal clear clarity about what you tend to do in a day. Organisation and planning go hand in hand to create responsibility and awareness about your goals, tasks and targets.

For example, I am a student but I love doing other activities too. I have a small pretty handbook, where I write what to do –To-do list which I prepare a night before. I usually don’t complete tasks in the order set by me. Because I believe you need your emotions to be associated with what you do, some days I feel least interested to write my articles early in the morning, so I make sure to write them in the afternoon. Instead, I spend time reading a book or listening to a podcast that I had reserved for the night. You can interchange your activities but you need to make sure to complete them.

Also, make sure when you plan for the day, practise separating your activities into two categories logical and creative. If you are doing something creative, you will have to spend a huge amount of energy, so you can interchange few logical activities along with it. Complicated right? I will break it for you. 

If I will have to draft an article today, which I consider being creative on my list, I simply wouldn’t do any other college assignments. Instead, I would study something and read up on references that can help me do it which comes under my logical category. Through this, you will not be stressed and fatigue. Also, I learnt this technique of splitting and categorising through Jay Shetty.

In addition, even though you spend a lot of energy and time to complete your task, you can still feel incomplete. You might not feel satisfied or complete. For this, you need to think rationally about what can help you to make you feel fulfilled. It can be reading a book, listening to a podcast or exercising. You need to take a stance on it too. With this, you need to understand how to embrace your work. Have you ever wondered? Why there is room, study room, pooja room etc? Because as much as you practice or do something in one particular place, the energy in that specific area will be developed and you can experience a change. 

If you are reading a book or studying, use one particular place in your room to create that energy. Nonetheless, I have seen a lot of people multitasking chores. It is going to drain your energy and you won’t feel happy or content about what you do. The research studies show that only 2% of the people are good at performing multiple activities at a time, whereas 98% of the people fail at it.

On contrary, all of us consider ourselves to be among that 2% despite the fact we make that 98% of the crowd. Funny isn’t it? But you need to understand that productivity is a result of the commitment you set to excel by planning diligently and intelligently with focused effort. 

The efficiency along with productivity will rise and the stress and fatigue will come down.

The integral time you need to create is done by saving time through the realisation of having more time. I have my friends who say, I am going to wake up early to make my day productive and there a lot of people who say that millionaires sleep fours hours a day. 

Not really, you need to have a sufficient amount of sleep to make your day productive. Because sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning is going to make you feel drowsy the whole day. So be wise enough to make your day productive.

PS: So comment below, how you spend your time and your techniques? I would love to read them. Have a good day!

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