The world’s biggest boy band from South Korea, BTS has released a new English single Butter that has captivated and wonderstruck their fandom ARMY with their Beyond The Scene confidence in the hot like summer that ain’t no bummer song

According to chart data (Twitter), “Butter” becomes the fastest music video in history to reach 1 million likes on YouTube, doing so in 40 minutes before release.

We all know, BTS puts a lot of effort to create a concept that is brand new to the world. Indeed on a whole, their passion and love for the music, the hard work and dedication behind their dance performance and the breakthrough of gender-typical fashion stereotypes draw the attention of people around the globe.

The teaser photos and video transcended a party vibe, just like JK goes “PARTY PARTY YEAH.” But the single was more soft and charismatic with superstar glows, which is going to become “song of the summer” by pulling you in like no other.

The dance-pop track with bright verses smoothly pulled off their feelings through a toast with armies by proudly spelling us on the lyrics by melting our hearts into two. During the Global Press Conference, Jin said, “The music video was plotted with a lot of love for the Armies.”  Jungkook added,“ We worked really hard, we put our heads together literally and made A.”

The seven boys have their unique way or style to express their emotions and feelings. The freestyle moves in the elevator epitomized the best of themselves. Jhope said, “We tried to incorporate some mischievous looks, kissing our hands, emphasizing cuteness.”

Close at hand, one close key mentioned:

“Do the Boogie like” – Boogie-woogie is a music genre of Blues (originated in the Deep South of the United States by African- Americans) that later was used in jazz, rhythm and blues (R&B). it was a repetitive and shuffle note originally played on the piano. Here Boogie refers to dancing to pop, disco or rock music.

So my dear fellow armies, let us get smooth like butter high like the moon rock with Billboard HOT 10 and let’s march towards streaming. GET IT. LET IT. ROLL.

PS: If you have reached the end of this article, send me some purple hearts in the comment sections. Happy Butter Day everyone regardless if you aren’t an army. And don’t forget to share this article with your army friends.

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