Being Unhappy Is A Choice At The End. Here Is What You Could Do


“The thing everyone should realise is that the key to happiness is being happy by yourself and for yourself.”

Do you complain on daily basis for not living a happy life? 

At the end of the day, do you feel worn out by the fact you are not good enough?

Then you are in the right place. Read the complete article to untangle yourself from being unhappy.

Before we could crack down on why you feel unhappy. Spot-on, you must be aware that every individual’s quality of being happy is based on two innate structural extremities that you can categorize yourself (one of the two).

  1. The well-considered and straight through: “I am the best in the world and I have the abilities to defeat anyone. I am going to conquer utterly and show everyone.”
  2. The weak-minded and submissive one: ” I am a loser, worst, dumbest, stupidest and worthless. I don’t deserve anything in this world.”

If you belonged to one of the above-mentioned classifications, take a moment to become conscious about your ego. The ego stains your thoughts to either aim to win at all costs or hampers by fears from the past and worries for the future. Hence it works on best of the best or worst of the worst by escorting you to low self-images and conforms to it.

The actual anticipation to get you out of the strangles will be sincere self-honesty. You are either rushing, confused or have no idea extensively about the perfect timing to become happy. 

By conditioning yourself into self-awareness, noticing: 

  • what you are good at 
  • what you are bad at 
  • what you are average at

Sometimes you can’t figure it out all by yourself: What you don’t know is that the smallest details can define your potential. Taking into account you need to ask your close friends, colleagues, family etc to cite what you do differently, as a result, makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. People will claim various qualities about you.

At the end of the day, you will have different things aiming to exert a force on you to build confidence by learning about yourself.

You can be strategic and logical to make a list of things about your positives and negatives. You can affirm that “I am capable of doing this.” Or “I can work on this, no big deal.” While you are being assertive and claiming for it, you need to love it.

By loving what you do, it creates a positive mind, a loving heart and engagement that brings fulfilment and meaning to your life. You need to discover what you truly desire by fighting for it.

Besides, there is no rule that you need to be too good at something you’re passionate about. Once you are passionate about working on something, eventually you will master it. Remember every expert was once a beginner.

People haven’t got the faintest idea about themselves and live with low self-esteem and self-worth. To enhance your qualities, you need to intend on participating in service. You can work for a charity or offering food. 

If you have ever taken interest and worked on the act of kindness, how did you feel to offer someone help? The best example set before us would be Mother Terasa who served millions of people with love, compassion, time, focus and attention by not only with resources of money.

It can encourage and enhance your self-esteem and self-worth to live a happy life. Once Jay Shetty said, “We are wired with generosity and educated to be greed.” We are conditioned as kids to understand that everything is limited and finite. But we aren’t taught that “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” For an instance being happy is boundless and infinite anybody can be happy.

But our eyes are tied with blinker in anticipation to believe that money can buy happiness or a good job can do. But nobody has attempted to think about what makes us happy. In the long run, we are responsible for our happiness. Ultimately, we need to get to the bottom to trace the blueprint of our life to reflect upon what’s best for us.

Once Goldie Hawn said, “The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are.”

PS: Comment below, how would you define your happiness? And let me about your thoughts about it.

Lately, I see many of you commenting on my articles, thank you so much for sharing your views on it. 

Also, if you want me to write on any particular topic, let me know in the comment sections. Thank you and have a great day ahead! Peace. 

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