Following The Trail Of Immigrant Life: Why You Should Watch The Movie Minari


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The movie Minari swept 54 varied awards in the entertainment industry including The Oscars. Eventually, it was dominating the entire film world by acquainting the nominations in 154 various categories of different movie-making award shows, in addition six Oscars too. 

Now that’s fascinating, isn’t it? The huge numbers were solely for the incredible plot that unveils an intimate and heart-rending illustration of an immigrant Korean family and their life, relationship and assimilation in the 1980s of America.

The most essential keys to be appreciated are – the dialogues were sensitively written and the actors acted sentimentally by pinning the past. If you are planning to watch it anytime soon, please keep an eye on every dialogue because it acts as a simile that represents the analogy of life.

// Disclaimer – Spoilers ahead (Not completely, but an outline). If you are reading this, before watching it, make sure to keep a beady eye on certain elements to feel it while watching the movie. //

What is Minari?

Minari is a plant native to East Asia. It is also called water dropwort, Chinese celery, Indian pennywort, Japanese parsley. In Tamil, Indian pennywort is known by Babassa, Vallaarai, Vallareekeeri, Vallarei, or Vallari.

Source: https://names.quillem.com/vegetables/what-is-indian-pennywort-in-tamil#:~:text=In%20Tamil%2C%20Indian%20pennywort%20(Centella,Vallareekeeri%2C%20Vallarei%2C%20or%20Vallari

It has been said that the plant often grows in the first days of spring. The interesting aspect is that – after it is dead, it grows back strongly in its second season. Now, this is the main constituent in the film that is descriptive about the entire plotline. 

Also, the storyline is an inspiration from the director Lee Isaac Chung’s life (semi-autobiographical). The story setbacks to the 1980s in America, where the South Korean immigrated family is determined to make rural life successful in the Ozarks of Arkansas, southern U.S.

The movie begins with a family moving from California to rural Arkansas, where Jacob the father has a burning desire to grow Korean crops and dreams to aspire as a successful farmer by selling their produce to Dallas. The character sets a perfect example to show that you need to take risks and actions to taste success. 

Subsequently, Monica, the mother is not happy with her husband’s decisions but hunches to support him half-heartedly. She fears failure and worries about the consequences in the future. It shows the foremost consent of our dear ones who focus on obstructions that you fail to see.

The couples work in a nearby hatchery by sexing chicks. This paints the picture that you can’t survive with one man’s salary in other countries like the USA. Always we assume that those individuals surviving in abroad countries are living a comfortable, luxurious and happy life. But the irony of deciding to settle there is no joke.

You can sense the American vibe among the kids (David and Anne).  Simultaneously you will feel the pure innocence, compassion and kindness in their foremost concerns for the family besides the little bit of naughty behaviours.

Since the family can’t afford a babysitter, they decide to invite the maternal grandmother. While she arrives with few gifts that include ingredients available in their home country makes Monica go through different emotions on missing home and the sentiment attached to the country.

All of us are fond of grandparents. Some of us love our maternal grandparents to the core. The warmth behind their love is a big deal to us. We all know that every grandparent is aware of the world better than anybody in the family. You will experience that warmth here through the character Soonja ( Youn Yuh-Jung, no doubt why she won the Oscars) where you can see her attempting to getting along with her grandchildren by trying to adapt the American culture. But kids wouldn’t understand it. Maybe they are meeting her for the first time.

On contrary, the kids will claim their grandmother to smell like Korea – this speaks a lot. How much ever we try to go away, deep down we know where we belong to. Most of the kids born to immigrant parents in other lands, don’t understand their parents’ struggles and battles that they went through to reach the far off places only for a better income and a quality lifestyle abolishing their happiness in their motherland.

Among the family, the essence of living as immigrants is depicted through different emotions of detachment from their regional land. It is true, people suffer to get along with other people and the environment seems to be quite uncomfortable because there is a cultural shock and difference. It is no easy to get adjusted and conform. You will spot the awkwardness in every scene.

Also, it is so beautifully scripted to show breaking points in marriage and how intact they bound to become over certain important things. You will witness many heated arguments between the couples. Even though they decide to separate, there are undeniable emotions that hold them back. At the end of the day, you can see Monica pushing herself hard to believe in him.

Everybody has to give it a watch. Sometimes we don’t understand certain struggles we come across unless we see somebody with a similar struggle. I read some tweets on Twitter that spoke about many difficult phases of life that people went through while staying in a different country.

PS: I wanted to include some more stuff, but I pity those who didn’t watch it. So if you haven’t watched it, please go and watch it. It is available on Amazon Prime. 

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