Sulking About Life? Here Is An Introspective Vision Into What Keeps You Motivated


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“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Gustav Jung.

The above powerful quote was cited by a strong influential psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in the field of psychology.

Now don’t you think all of us have to pause for a minute to sit back and speculate about it? On a scale of motivation, how much would you rate yourself? It’s hard to score yourself, but you can be precise about it – are you an externally driven or internally driven individual? I see some of you are struggling to review and evaluate yourself. But it is alright.

While I intended to write about this piece of article, I reached out to my friends and family pondering how well they would receive and examine themselves before answering me. But I was wonderstruck to see how some of them responded in seconds and few took long time to interrogate about it. To be honest, it was worthwhile to do this.

By the end of this article, I will reveal the responses and are you curious to know what I would choose? (I hope you do) Maybe you can also randomly send a message on your WhatsApp groups to understand your friends and family. Now let’s get back (Apologies for TMIs).

Without a doubt, at least once you might have spotted yourself or somebody tending to grumble about life? Well, who doesn’t grouse? At times, it is absolutely healthy to sound off about your life. Until and unless you are internally driven and not externally driven. I already see your furious face, before I could brief it out for you I want my readers to give a minute to think, I have already given you few hints. Anyways here we go:

The ones who always end up saying: “Why does everything happen to me?” Or “There is nothing I can do about my future now.”- are those individuals who focus on outcomes that are outside their control and focuses to be determined by fate and they are abstinent to hard work or decisions. (Externally driven)

On the other hand, those individuals who concentrate on the outcomes within their control by believing that his/ her behaviour is guided based on their personal decisions and efforts are internally driven.

Those individuals would casually respond– “I can make things happen” Or “I can determine my future.” (Internally driven)

In 1998, a study was conducted at Columbia University by Prof. Claudia. M. Mueller. She chose a large group of fifth graders and assigned each one to work on numerous challenging puzzles without any assistance.

Regardless of how well the students performed, she remarked each child that they performed well.

Later she divided the students into two groups:

Group A was acknowledged that – they scored well is because of the gifted smartness.

Group B was established that – they scored well is because of the hard work.

­­­­After some time, she represented each student with 3 types of puzzles to work on including the easy, medium and hard ones.

The results were found to be interesting:

Group A– The smart pants – spent the majority of their time solving on the easy ones, but resolved the extremely hard ones very quickly. By analyzing the overall time-consumed to solve all the puzzles – it was observed to be very less, which indicate the lower levels of motivations.

Alongside the students were asked, if they enjoyed the experiment? The responses were slightly off as they regarded it to be no fun.

Group B – The uphill battlers– spent the majority of their time focusing on harder puzzles and overall they took a long time to attempt and solve all the puzzles – this was a sign of an increase in levels of motivation. 

Subsequently, the students were asked, if they enjoyed working on it? The response was a positive one – they enjoyed the entire experience by claiming it to be fun. 

The study conducted and the activity that we did together was all about – the concept of ‘Locus Of Control’ which essentially measures the degree of your control over life.

If you had chosen externally driven, you belong to Group A, you are led to believe that the external factors that is outside controls your life. You work for compliments and comments. To keep it simple, you wait for people to recognise and approve for all your efforts and hard work.

If you had chosen internally driven, you belong to Group B, you believe that you are a hard worker and you start to set a focal point on your internal focus by building a positive attitude about your efforts and you choose to control the life.

From time to time, all the great people in the world used this key to become who they are, by having an internal focus of control, it kept them motivated and occupied to reach greater heights. You can take an example of someone you consider to be your role model.

Nobody can understand yourself as you do. Once you start focusing and take charge of your life, you are unstoppable in the marathon of life.

You need to stay humble to yourself and focus on how you envision your future? It is very important for anyone who is reading this to take control of your life instead of beating the bushes by letting the guards off by complaining, it was not your fate to be in such a situation.

Snapping back to me, I am more internally driven, since I have my routine of following spirituality, I inculcated few good habits from greater teachers of the world. And I wasn’t aware of this concept as well. But I made sure my motivational scale is sole, for one thing, happiness, anything that makes me happy.

Right now I am very happy to see you reading and learning something from this workpiece.

And with my activity, I had already introspected few of my friends and families answers even before they answered. And guess what? I had a good time understanding how much I knew each one as a person. Interestingly most of them summed it up on half and half. I was happy with their honesty. To be honest, these are the individuals who know everything and they are aware about it. Also, I believe they are working on it.

But I was happy that some my close circles including my brother chose internally. I am sure, most of you would have done that, no doubt you are doing great in your life and you do realise where you are lacking, it is not something you need somebody to spotlight it on.

I decided to work on ‘Locus Of Control’ because I wanted all of us to understand our strengths and weakness. Sometimes we underestimate our talents and become hard on ourselves. So if you are reading this, I hope you get back on track and set yourself to become free from the external factors that don’t serve you anything. I wish you luck.

(Holy crap, if you have reached the end of this article, I am so proud of you. It shows how committed you are to learn about yourself.)

PS: On a scale of motivation, where do you find yourself? And if you found something interesting that you could resonate with, please comment below. Much love to everyone! See ya next week.

Author’s Note:

Lately, I have been observing a lot of you commenting on my timeline. Thank you for those sweet words. And I appreciate you for taking the time to read and leave a comment. If you want me to write on any particular topic, please feel free to comment below. Have a great day ahead!

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