Your Goals May Sound Too Unrealistic For The People Who Mean Most To You: Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Stop


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“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period.” – (Pursuit of Happyness)

I request you to read it again. Please feel comfortable and at your liberty to answer the following questions honestly. Now let’s rewind your life cassette to your childhood. What was your first dream? I can see some of you smiling at your innocent younger self and I do see some of you feel resentful about it.

No matter what, it doesn’t matter, if it was a small or big dream, pat yourself and I will tell you why. Before that, I am so proud that you could decide and set a dream. And that too without anybody’s assistance, that’s amazing! Right?

Let’s analyse, why you chose to do it?  You and me by acquainting ourselves with that particular dream, we saw a happier version of ourselves in front of our eyes. Stay in that moment. How did that moment feel? Did somebody teach us to do it? No. We were unstoppable to become ambitious.

At least once, all of us would have discussed about it to our parents. I am sure, most of the parents would have smiled and said, ‘yes, someday’.

Today we realise, it was a white lie that our parents told us. How many of your friends, family or anyone you know is living or working for their dreams? Maybe one or two, the rest killed those amazing dreams with their own hands for the sake of somebody else’s happiness. Growing up we are given limited options to choose to live a life and those are controlled by the society’s expectations.

Napoleon Hill said, “The number one reason people fail in life is that they listen to their friends, family and neighbours.”

As you grow older, people are going to hold you back. They will stop you. Society works that way, it is because people don’t sense there’s something out there for you. They are blindfolded to many constituents of life. I still remember vividly my father dreaming about my elder brother’s life as an engineer when he aspired to become a filmmaker. Given the fact, an engineer is a noble profession and brings you dignity among the good for nothing people who don’t have a clear vision about their life and filmmaking is solely suitable for sophisticated rich and luck plays a huge role in that profession.

Your taintless happiness is snatched away and the pure mind is being filled with an impurity by the people around you. You need to know that you dared to dream it while the rest didn’t put any efforts to think about it. My brother couldn’t decide it for himself. He was put into a lot of situations that emotionally weakened his power to think about himself.

Right now, if you have a desire to become someone who you want to be and it can be anything an actor, doctor, singer or artist, pick up your phone or go straight into your living hall and try talking about it. I see some of you hesitating. You are wondering, what they would say? I will give few reactions straight away- Are you serious? Are you kidding me? Let’s talk about something that will happen.

Once my brother confessed his dreams to my parents and guess what happened, they guilt-tripped him by pinpointing the expenses spent for his studies. That trailed him back to a normal life by blocking all his ways to happiness.

I grew up watching this brutality at home. If you are wondering what happened to me? Y’all I was smart and I tricked my parents, Lmao.

You need to expand your visio­­­n and absorb certain truths to move forward in your life. I agree your family most likely went into debt to raise you by giving you the most care. Your father worked a 9-5 job for you to have a better life. Your mother set aside her dreams for you. But are you satisfied and content with your life?

No and all of us are aware of it. Instead of feeling sad and blaming it on your fate. Step in with a dream and prove to them that their sacrifices were worth it by winning. By becoming so successful and happy that they will never have to worry or doubt again for the rest of their life. Don’t do it for your parents. But for yourself, you come first.

You need to let go of people who are trying to hold you back from your dreams. No doubt you love them but it is good to cut off certain people’s opinions and perspectives of life. By outgrowing and aiming higher, you will grow smarter and bigger. Don’t hang out or spend time with people who think life is predetermined by fate and you will come across many people who will ask to slow down because they can’t catch up the speed of yours. Right now, that seems to be something uncomfortable for you to think. Indeed it is.

Once Steve Harvey said, “If you stay in your comfort zone, that’s when you’ll fail. Success is an uncomfortable space. You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable if you ever want to succeed.”

Do you realise, you will have to walk away from people who don’t respect your dream?

I admire Steve Harvey, he is an American television presenter, comedian, actor and author – he earned so many titles behind his name and that’s because he decided way too early in his life to walk away from certain people in his life. He said, “If you want to kill a big dream, say it to a small-minded person.”

While Steve was 10 years old, he had a severe stuttering problem. At school, he was assigned to write what you want to become when you grow. And he wrote that he wants to be on TV. In response, the teacher humiliated him in front of his classmates.

She said, “Why would you write something like this on the paper? Who in your family has ever been on TV? Who in this neighbourhood has ever been on TV? How would they put you on TV?” That young Steve didn’t sit back and listen to people. He stepped into the industry. Now that’s a live example, he conquered the entire American Television Shows.

For Steve, it was his teacher but for you, it could be anyone, your parents, friends or anyone.

You need to live your life. Nobody is going to do that for you, people are a part of your life but not your entire life.

Get yourself organised, fix your dream. Break it down and start working for it. Right now, if you feel that you can’t do it because you have crossed the age limit, get a life man. Every man dies but not every man lives. It’s never too late when you decide to live for yourself. Some people accomplish their goals in the 60s and 70s. You are way too small for it.

If you are keeping yourself occupied and working hard day and night to reach your destination. It means you are chasing it every day with discipline. Remember this – the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. Don’t give up and waste your entire life. This is a wake-up call for you. Either you attend it or decline it. Wish you luck (Secretly, I want you to attend it)

PS: If you have reached the end of this article, I hope you live your dreams with happiness and contentedness. Please walk away and detoxify yourself from toxic dudes and dudettes. More love to y’all. Have a great day ahead.

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