Yesterday You Said Tomorrow: Here Is Why Procrastination Is The Enemy To Your Success


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“A day can slip by when you’re deliberately avoiding what you’re supposed to do.”

If you could relate to it – you are living in a mystical land where you want to work on your planned schedule tomorrow by promising yesterday to exhibit today. 

Complicated? Let’s break it down. Today you were destined to complete a planned task and you disregarded it. Right? 

Now not necessarily, it has to be so-called crucial providences but you can count on trivial things too. To give you an idea, how many of skipped going for a morning walk or exercise considering any reason of your choice? 

Why do you think, you were not able to complete a task? The reason is you cut the slack off to be apathetic by picking up procrastination as an option. If you can’t pull yourself together to work on your regular and simple routine, how do you think you will be able to achieve and reach greater heights? 

Now if the above statements make you feel angry or you seem to think I am being rude, whereas that implies truth. Remember the bitter truth pills about you –always makes it hard to swallow and be responsible for. 

However, if you hold accountability for it, you should know that, while you are sitting here and postponing your plans. Somebody out there is hustling harder with bigger strides of footsteps by executing your plans.

Everybody keeps waiting for a particular time in a day to score success. Without scheduling your activities and by not maintaining a daily routine to follow up, you are eventually letting the fundamental aspect of success slip away. If you are slurring over waiting for the right time, you are already trapped in procrastination.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy to your success. Do you agree? How many of you go in search of inspiration? Even if you slightly admit it, you should wrap your mind around to understand that you are choosing to willingly assassin a commitment along with opportunities.  

 Do you think, all the successful people in the world tasted the success overnight? No. The world is a dark place because it covers up all the scornful failures and trails. It takes days to work actively and resiliently for a better outcome. 

Right away, some of you might want to start your career or anything at this very moment. Before that, you need to understand some important red flags. If you want to stop being lazy or procrastinate, please get hold of this

“Nothing comes for free, you need to practice and pay your energy for it”. 

In the beginning, you might feel difficult to devote yourself completely. If you are wondering why the prime reason is right now you are practising being lazy. Until today, you had to adopt a lifestyle of principles that honours excuses. You engaged in the habit of enjoying the comfort of being lazy. This could disintegrate you from enthusiasm and high spirit energy. 

Small but consistent changes are the key phenomena for long term results. The deliberate practise will enable your abilities and skills to uplift and encourage your new behaviours. It will create a space for good habits too.

Remind yourself of the results every day when you are working on your changes. Go for a walk, water your garden and work on your weakness. These small things will help you majorly for your bigger dreams.

As an analogy, Madan Gowri is a very familiar name among Tamil households, this famous YouTuber of South India started creating educational and trending political and social contents that were echoed louder for justice and served as a bigger resource of knowledge by helping the huge community to learn about various genres in any field.

Besides that how do you think, he was able to get spotlighted? Recently, he earned five million subscribers, how do you think, it was possible? Every day he maintained a steadiness and regularity in posting videos. He could have given excuses or stopped it but he got better every single day by being ambitious.

He didn’t give up and his demanding skills never stopped him from following his passion. It’s never easy to do it. You need to continuously practice it to overcome that laziness.

You need to change yourself. You need to work on your weakness and change certain habits that will be a source to push you forward. By cultivating consistency and persistence in your everyday activity you will help you transform your life into a better one.

We all know Kobe Bryant, the famous NBA player and one of the major reasons why people supported the Lakers team. Why do you think he got there? He gained heights of respect because of his work ethic that did not allow him to procrastinate. He worked harder with perseverance that made him deaf to excuses.

In one of his interviews with Patrick Bed David of Valuetainment, he shared his challenging moments during the matches. There were different days with various painstaking instances:

  • His back was being jacked.
  • He had Achilles and knee fracture.
  • His daughter was sick and he had no sleep.
  • Playing a match with a 102-degree fever.

What would you do if you were Kobe? The above pointers are real considering options for us to ask or seek an excuse. One match? Not a big deal.

But Kobe is not you or me to give up on this or views it as an opportunity to not do it. Kobe is Kobe that’s why he’s special. Instead of calling off the match, his mindset disapproved the lame excuse. Rather his strong mind pushed him forward to hustle with it by remarking – it was not the day to take a break.

That’s how you need to motivate yourself if you want to go where you desire to go. Next time try this – make an excuse to procrastinate. You should allow yourself to enjoy the changes and start appreciating, accepting and completing the routines for the day. Schedule your priorities by arranging and recognising them. One day you become Kobe or Madan or give me an opportunity to set you an example in my articles. LMAO. Also include my name during award ceremonies. JK. You got this. You can work on it. I hope you do it. All the best

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